Our mission

is to help our clients increase their value and competitive advantage. 

We help you with trend forecasting, ideation, thought leadership, and strategic communication and stakeholder management. That means we will help you navigate the circular economy agenda, position you in the right context, make sure you use the right mediums such as speeches, white papers and opinion pieces.

We can also help you map relevant stakeholders to engage with during this transition, because trust us, your stakeholder map will change when you shift away from a linear economy!

Our purpose

is to accelerate the transition towards a circular economy 

As we have helped start-ups, trade organizations and multinational organizations, we can help your business adapt to the circular economy and gain the advantages it brings while increasing your positive societal impact.

But the partnership will only work if you, like us, believe that the Circular Way is the way forward and that sustainability is not just a CSR add-on, nor a marketing stunt, but core business.  


Our vision

is to enable business and climate to be each others prerequisites.

We believe a healthy environment is a precursor to building a succesful business

Only through creating substantial competitive advantage for businesses, the circular way, will we reach the full potential and scale circular economy at the necessary level to gain the tremendous societal benefits and mitigate climate change.

For further information on the concept of circular economy and our view on sustainable business please see our Thoughts section.


Thought leadership

Are you a visionary circular economy pioneer working to create sustainable growth?

Then we can help you benefit from working in a circular way and maximize the advantages by communicating it clearly in the right context. 



What we offer





Engaging in the global debate

Thought leadership plays an important role in mitigating climate change and enabling a sustainable future for all to thrive in. We believe it is crucial to engage in the global debate and be part of shaping the future we wish to see.

At The Circular Way, we are happy and proud to do our part, be it through writing opinion pieces, public speaking or something else. Here you will find highlights and an overview of previous and future speaking engagements.

the way to go is circular

The Circular Way Invest

We believe circular economy is the tool to create financial return while mitigating climate change without compromising our global well-being. Therefore we have built the investment policy for The Circular Way Invest.


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