What we believe in & what we offer

Good business and a healthy environment are each other’s prerequisites - not the other way around.

We will help you scale your business and thus impact as well.  



Is your business geared for the fourth industrial revolution and the current global disruptive trends? Have you assessed the risks of working in a linear way?

We will help you understand your surroundings within the circular economy and help you identify your most relevant markets and your potential customers, competitors, and suppliers. What changes can you make to ensure your company benefits from practicing in the circular economy? In short we can help map out the circular business potential and opportunities in front of you.

At The Circular Way, we believe strategy is dynamic and can take many different shapes and forms. We have studied and engaged with the most successful circular methods and their applications and are here to ensure your business benefit from the circular economy – as well as society and the environment.

Specific services includes

  • Workshops
  • One on one advisory services
  • Scenario analysis
  • Mapping of stakeholder relations
  • Strategy creation and adaption
  • Help you navigate the circular economy agenda, position you in the right context, make sure you use the right mediums


Thought leadership

Are you a visionary circular economy pioneer working to create sustainable growth?

Then we can help you benefit from working in a circular way and maximize the advantages by communicating it clearly in the right context. Specific services include: Thought leadership packages creating tailored messages and combining them with global facts, stakeholders, events etc. Thought leadership execution includes writing speeches, policy statements, opinion pieces and engaging you with the right stakeholders.


What will the world look like in 5, 10 or 15 years? No one knows for sure - but that does not mean that we can't gain valuable insights from looking at trends and continuously stay ahead of the curve.

Global society is changing at a fast pace and it concerns everything from business to politics and personal spheres. Whether you are new to circular economy, or you have been operating within the field for some time; we can help you get a clear view of current and future trends - including potential opportunities and risks for your business model and market - and how to navigate them.



Looking for new ideas? Curious about how circular economy can help your business and how you can engage?

We are happy to give you an introduction to circular economy in the context of your business. We can provide a high-level overview of the trends you are facing and help you and your team analyze possibilities and challenges to make sure you are staying ahead of the game and create ideas and activities for you to engage with circular economy.

Specific services include

  • High-level roadmap of the areas where your business can best contribute and benefit in the circular economy
  • Ideas and activities to pursue
  • Identification of potential risks and recommendations for partnerships