We are a globally operating consultancy specialized in circular economy

Ensuring growth without spending additional resources and new energy.

We believe the Circular Way is the way forward.  



Succeeding through sustainability

The Circular Way is a globally operating Copenhagen-based consultancy specialized in circular economy: The philosophy of ensuring growth without spending additional resources and new energy through a number of innovative business models. The key is to fundamentally shift the incentives of business by making sustainability a core value creator, as opposed to an add-on. We believe the Circular Way is the way forward.


Our purpose

is to give you a unique chance to gain competitive advantages, enter new markets and partnerships in the circular economy. 

Our role in your journey towards the circular way is to help and support you with trend forecasting, ideation, thought leadership, and strategic communication and stakeholder management. That means we will help you navigate the circular economy agenda, position you in the right context, make sure you use the right mediums such as speeches, white papers and opinion pieces. We can also help you map relevant stakeholders to engage with during this transition, because trust us, your stakeholder map will change when you shift away from a linear economy!

Our vision

is to help our clients increase their value and competitive advantage by working in the circular economy. 

Only through creating substantial competitive advantage for businesses, the circular way, will we reach the full potential and scale circular economy at the necessary level to gain the tremendous societal benefits and mitigate climate change. For further information on the concept of circular economy and our view on sustainable business please see our Thoughts section.


Our team